Single Female Pricing

Single Female Pricing

Pricing for Single Females

Free entry on Thursdays for ladies night!

Single Female Gold Pass Pricing 

The Gold Pass encompasses all door fees for regular parties, special events and functions. This includes the Halloween and New Year’s Eve events.

You also receive discounts on all classes held at Scarlet Ranch. Drinks and food are not included.

When you purchase your Gold Pass, your annual rate never increases.

$250 per year
Your Annual Fee Never Increases!
No additional entry fees!
Preferred early entry to special events
Priority Cabana Reservations! Click HERE

Join an exclusive community of those that dare to live life!

Membership has its privileges

Since 2003, Scarlet Ranch has provided the portal for you to explore your sexuality in a safe, friendly, amazingly clean and beautiful environment.

We are a country club of like-minded individuals and couples looking for more out of life than most will ever experience.

By joining our community, you will be integrated into a life you only dreamed was possible.

Nobody offers you more then Scarlet Ranch!

Scarlet Ranch is the largest and one of the longest running lifestyle resorts in the United States.

Your Membership at the most respected lifestyle resort in the country is something to be proud of and is not offered to everyone. It is something that must be earned.

Apply today, start living tonight!