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All members must pay an annual $50.00 membership fee. The membership is an annual charge and is valid for 1 year. This is a per person charge ($100.00 per couple).

Scarlet Ranch is a private membership organization and is not open to the general public. You must be a member and have signed a membership agreement to enter, even if it is just for one night. You must also read, agree to, and abide by the full rules. After your initial guest visit, your membership application will be reviewed by our membership committee and based on their recommendation you may or may not be offered the opportunity to join our organization.

Membership has its privileges

Since 2003, Scarlet Ranch has provided the portal for you to explore in a safe, friendly, amazingly clean and beautiful environment.

We are a country club of like-minded individuals and couples looking for more out of life than most will ever experience.

By joining our community, you will be integrated into a life you only dreamed was possible.

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On your first visit, there is a per person membership fee of $50.00. Your membership is valid for one year from the time of purchase.

During all events, the kitchen will be open with either a prefix menu or full menu depending on the event.

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We are a private membership organization that believes in personal freedom, human touch and experiences that will bring you closer together as a couple than you have ever imagined.

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