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– Frequently Asked Questions –

WE understand that this lifestyle is a new endeavor for many, so we have put together a section to answer some of your concerns.

We receive questions every day from people asking us what is a lifestyle club? What can we expect to experience?

There is no easy answer and for each person, the answer would be different.

At Scarlet Ranch, we see it as a difference in attitude, activities and objectives. We look at sexual exploration as a journey that takes as many different paths as there are types of couples. We are committed to maintaining a beautiful, safe environment free of the issues found at bars & nightclubs.

We do not tolerate offensive or rude behavior. We are private.

A very private Country Club for those that desire an upscale environment

Scarlet Ranch holds most of their events at Squirrel Creek Lodge; a large facility with beautiful furnishings, comfortable seating areas, state-of-the-art sound system, game rooms, and large dance floors.

Scarlet Ranch is always clean, well appointed and prides itself on a no-pressure environment.

| Our History

Since 2003, Scarlet Ranch has been Denver’s only private lifestyle organization attracting more than 600 new members every month from all states and around the world. As the top lifestyle organization in the country, Scarlet Ranch is proud to provide events that set the standard for fun & erotic evenings. With an average age of 37, we attract an upscale clientele between the ages of 21 through 60’s. We host major events every week at Squirrel Creek Lodge. Cabanas are open year round, as well as their tipi, with custom lounges, fire pit and 50″ LED monitor. Proper shoes and clothing should be considered if you are planning to use the outdoors of the facility.

Experience a life second to none ~ only with Scarlet Ranch!

The Largest Lifestyle Events

• Attendance ranges from 200 to 1,400 people
• We produce over 100 major theme events / year
• Always a near equal number of women to men
• Average age is 37. All legal ages are welcome
• The largest membership of any lifestyle organization
• Highly produced erotic themes
• Over 20 years of producing lifestyle events
• More than 600 new members every month

Change your life….forever!

Life is meant to be lived…….

Scarlet Ranch is a couples focused lifestyle club second to none. We are simply the best!

Scarlet Ranch hosts events Wednesday through Sunday. Doors open 6:00 PM Wednesday through Saturday and at 11:00 AM on Sunday. We close at 11:00 PM Wednesday and Thursday and 2:00 AM on Friday and Saturday. We close at 8:00 PM on Sunday.

Things to consider bringing with you are alcohol, a robe or additional outfits. If it is wintertime, you may consider wearing winter clothes and shoes and changing once you arrive. You may either use the locker room or check your bags at coat check. The lockers work the same as a hotel room safe and you do not need to provide a lock. For very large events, we do run out of lockers.

The couples that come to Scarlet Ranch are everyday couples, just like you. Most are middle to upper-middle class couples. Most are married, have families and work normal jobs during the week. Our members are teachers, lawyers, business owners, and about any other profession you can think of. The common thread they have is the desire to experience a life without boundaries.

Our membership ranges in age from 21 to 67 years of age. Most evenings the average age is early 30’s to mid-40’s. The women tend to be younger than the men and some theme events draw a little younger group. Our members tend to be in good physical condition and take pride in their appearance.

You should always dress to impress at Scarlet Ranch! Most members will start out in business casual for the men and daring sexy for the women. Fetish wear is also encouraged. Many members will bring lingerie or robes to change into as they become more comfortable. You are welcome to be as daring as you like. No old jeans, logo t-shirts, ball caps or gang wear. Management has the right to refuse admittance to any member for any reason.

Yes. We accept single males. Most men are given a chance to attend once to see if you and Scarlet Ranch are a good match. We never allow groups of single men at any event. We always keep the number of single men very close to the number of single woman for all events. Scarlet Ranch events are not designed for single men that do not understand what the lifestyle is about.

No. Well, not usually. We do have a few themes where you must wear attire suitable for the formal event. Most themes are optional to participate in.

Membership can be paid at the door on your first visit via cash or any major credit card. All new members will be required to pay a one-time application fee of $50.00. New couples will attend with a Guest Membership for their first event.  Our membership pricing can be found HERE.

We require a valid, state or federal issued ID. You must be at least 21 years of age.

All event and membership fees are non-refundable.

No, although our staff is paid like any other service industry and tipping for the bartenders, coat check or attendance individuals is appreciated.

A Scarlet Ranch membership can be purchased at the door any Wednesday through Sunday via cash or any major credit card. You may also purchase online under our membership section.

You will be granted a guest membership and we will review your application after that. Scarlet Ranch reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone for any reason.

We are a membership controlled organization.

Events are generally held at Squirrel Creek Lodge and directions can be found HERE. They are located in South, Central Denver, Colorado. Very close to many attractions, restaurants and hotels.

There are also contract rates with partner hotels across the State Highway 470 (C-470). Approximately 2 minutes.

Squirrel Creek Lodge is located in a beautiful part of Colorado, surrounded by Chatfield Park. Please be careful when driving of wildlife on the roads.

Join an exclusive community of those that dare to live life!

Legal. Fun. Erotic….and will change your life!

Full Service, Fine Dining Restaurant on-site

We never close due to weather

Thank you for checking out our FAQ. We understand that you may be nervous about your first adventure with us, but the best advice to give you is to just give us a try.

You will never regret the decision to improve your relationship through honesty, trust, and passion. A beautiful and true adventure is within reach. We believe you will never look back at the life you once had.